As an avid outdoors person and natural science teacher, I have always appreciated and enjoyed nature's beauty.  That appreciation, and the good luck of having had a handy father, has lead me to this point of having a fledgling small business making crafts from wood and other natural materials.

My love of wood started at a early age.  While a young boy I remember working along side my dad in his basement workshop making bird feeders.  He often tells the story of the time I asked why we couldn't do this together so he wouldn't have to go to work every day.  Since that time, my interest in crafting has continued to grow.   As I have fostered this interest, I have found that other people appreciated my work enough to want to purchase it.  I guess I owe my dad, and that younger version of myself, a big "thank you" for fostering this dream along all these years!  

These days my most enjoyable times in the shop are when my dad, my son and I can all share some time and tools together.

Who am I?